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Aloe D'Luxe Creme

Our classic!

D’Luxe® Anti-aging smoothing cream without parabens, vaseline and without silikones. With hyaluronic acid and Syn Ake® Aloe Vera is up to date with the latest anti-aging research.

Your skin: With increasing age the natural Hyaluron content of your skin decreases

The result: The skin’s moisture content is reduced, fine lines and wrinkles appear

The effect: This new Crema de Aloe directly provides your skin with hyaluronic acid® – your skin’s own padding substance. Hyaluron Active substances penetrate the top layer of the skin to bind moisture, swell up to a multiple of their size and pad up the skin from within.

Light-diffusing Syn Ake®and Aloe Vera additionally ensure an optical smoothing effect and „touch up“ the skin surface.

Apply daily on newly cleaned skin and gently spread on the most affected areas of the face such as the nasolabial folds, forehead and eyes.

without Parabens • without Vaseline • no Silicones

Contents: 100ml

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