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Crema Gold 100-1

D`Luxe® GOLD Anti-Aging-Face Cream

Mit GOLD • Syn Ake • Hyaluronic • Caviar • Q10 • Aloe Vera

Our D`Luxe® GOLD anti-aging facial cream, has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect, is able to bind three hundred times its weight of moisture. 
The perfect beauty ingredient in our new D`Luxe® GOLD anti-aging facial cream.
Microfine particles of this most precious metal are inside our cream.
It moisturizes, reduces wrinkles and redness, repels free radicals.
Gold-like minerals also add a delicate glow to our D`Luxe® GOLD anti-aging facial cream.

GOLD … its sunny shine has fascinated people for thousands of years!
● Minimizes wrinkles and gives a noble glow to your skin.
● Cleopatra already knew about the effect of gold – not only as an ornament.
without Parabens • without Vaseline • no Silicones

Content: Airless bottle 100ml

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